This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Tricycle: The Mobo® Mini

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Kids jumping for joy after riding the Mobo Mini!

by Artemesia Fappiano

The latest member of the Asa Mobo® family is the Mobo® Mini. Helen and Joe had been avid cyclists prior to the birth of their daughter Madeleine. Every weekend they rode with their bike club and did the 35 – 50 mile routes. Madeleine was now 2 ½ and they were looking for a way to resume their cycling. At first they considered attaching a cycle trailer to one of their bikes. After demoing one they decided that it wasn’t for them. They wanted Madeleine to participate more and not be only a passenger. They wanted her to discover cycling and learn how to ride. After reviewing a few different options they settled on the Mobo® Mini because it was the safest cycle that Madeleine could ride immediately. Tricycles have never been so cool, stylish, well engineered or so much fun! Now the whole family can go riding together: Mobo®  style! One of the coolest features is that the frame is adjustable and can therefore grow with your kids. Another important differentiator is its unique ergonomic steering system that utilizes hand/eye coordination. Kids learn quickly how to maneuver and brake while exercising and having fun! Balance is not required to ride. These benefits will have a lasting positive impact. Parents can be assured that the Mobo®  Mini’s sturdy construction, comfortable seat and chain-less chassis ensures a safe experience on a durable ride. Safety and reliability are extensions of Mobo’s “Wow, Wow, Wow Experience”; therefore, a free safety flag and “never-flat” rear tires are included in every Mobo Mini purchase. The National Parenting Center endorses the Mobo®.   Of course riders should never set out without wearing their helmets. Parents and kids should insist that everyone use a helmet, no matter how short the ride. Madeleine always wears hers and she insists that her friends wear them too. Kids love to personalize their cycles. Mobo® encourages riders to express themselves by embellishing their Mobo® minis with custom decals. We applaud and encourage kids to make their Mini theirs. Having a positive first experience on a cycle brings confidence, excitement and opens up a new world of exploration. Are you organizing a Mobo® Mini meet or ride? Send your photos to We promise to post them.

Mobo mini arcade fire Avan Jogia Awards Bicycle Bicycles Bike Bikes black friday cee lo green children christmas cruiser Cruisers Cyber Monday cycling exercise fitness Fun gift gift lounge grammy health holiday Josh Hutcherson Justin Bieber Katy Perry kids love Mobo Mobo Cruiser Mobo Mini mothers day Safety sale Selena Gomez Shift shopping summer thanksgiving tricycle Tricycles trike Trikes Triton Victoria Justice

Youngster trying out the Mobo® Mini.

Getting Back in the Saddle:Rehab After Knee Surgery Riding the Mobo Triton Pro

By Artemesia Fappiano

Triton Pro Mobo - Three Wheel Cruiser Recumbent Bike

Triton Pro Mobo- Three Wheel Cruiser Recumbent Bike -Blue 20"

At first glance the idea of riding one’s way back to health may seem farfetched. However what we now know and may not have expected is that exercise is key to regaining and strengthening legs and gaining knee flexibility after knee surgery.  The Mobo®Triton Pro is just the cycle for those recovering from knee surgery, and anyone with a back or neck issue. Its ergonomic designed seat adds minimal pressure to the back. It’s dual-joystick steering system and free-wheel mechanism offers smooth maneuverability and gentle wrist, elbow and hand pressure. For those who a looking for an outdoor cycle the  Mobo®Triton Pro is the perfect rehab and fun cycle! Don’t be bored cycling indoors for rehab. Riding outside in the fresh air clears the mind and gets rid of cobwebs!

It  turns out to be also great for those whose eye is on completing a century ride, as my experience with Donna and Wes demonstrates!
Donna, Wes and I were the unlikely trio for completing the century ride. Wes was over fifty-five, a good 50 lbs over his target weight and had back problems. Donna and I, while much junior and in great shape were leisure riders who had never biked more than 40 miles in a day. Wes was riding the Mobo® Triton Pro Mobito recumbent bike while we rode  standard road bikes.

Mobo® Mobito - The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Mobito (Black) Cruise in Style (16")

Mobo® Mobito - The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

Canary Yellow Mobo Mobito Three Wheel Cruiser 16" Bike

Throughout the very long and exciting day, Wes consistently demonstrated incredible stamina evidenced by his encouraging smiles and words that we could do it. The comfort of riding with back support and legs in front enabled his “easy riding” style. Three-wheel stability allowed Wes to focus on being social and our leader. From his comfortable seat Wes became our coach, inspiring us to reach beyond the comfort zone of our habitual placid riding outings.  He led us into a new phase of leisure riding on the Mobo® Triton Pro which has all of the qualities you look for in a leisure cycle with the low, rugged chassis of something sportier.
Mobo® Mobito is the model designed especially for kids and has all the great features of the adult model as it was designed first! Now the entire family can take advantage of cycling even if they can’t balance on a two-wheeler.
Donna, Wes and I did finish the century ride. It took us a lot longer than everyone else in the club. We did it in 13 hours and 17 minutes. Had Donna and I ridden the Mobo® Triton Pro I’m sure we would have finished in less time and in better condition.

Do you have  a story on rehab after knee surgery ? Please share it with us!

Riding a Hybrid Scooter Bicycle: The Zike Bike

by Artemesia Fappiano

Zike Saber Hybrid Stepper BMX Scooter Bicycle

The Zike Saber: An innovative, easy to ride hybrid stepper BMX scooter bicycle

Every generation wants to contribute new ways of doing things. The Zike bike is one of the most innovative adaptations of the bicycle, which has been evolving for more than 150 years to come along in years. Kids take to it like ducks to water. It is natural to ride and is propelled by a similar motion as an elliptical machine. This new concept in cycling is a terrific new way to recruit kids into following a healthy active lifestyle. Michelle Obama’s initiative to improve how American children eat and exercise Let’s Move, highlights this very important and serious need. The Zike bike, a fabulous addition to the bicycling tradition, promotes a healthy lifestyle. What a great present for kids of all ages!

Do you remember your first experience trying to learn how to ride a bicycle? I vividly remember mine. It was on a late spring afternoon and it was neighborhood collaboration. My peer, Peter, who lived across the street and I had each just gotten two wheelers and he was riding his with training wheels. I was already contemplating the same but still riding my older sister’s three-wheeler.

Another neighbor, Daniel, who was our senior by at least six years though my memory places him much older than that, came over to Peter and I and offered to teach us to ride without training wheels. Peter and I were game and eager to learn. I remember we started with Daniel holding onto my seat and running along side as I wobbled to gain my balance, giggling and smiling all the way down the sidewalk to the corner. Daniel alternated running along side Peter and me as we passed one of my most memorable childhood afternoons.

After about 4 or 5 tries each, we took our practice to the street, but this time Daniel intermittently let go of our seats without warning. For the first time in my young life I felt the thrill of really controlling the wheels beneath me! A surge of laughter and glee escaped from my lungs. I’m riding a bicycle and gliding along. Hello world…I am free, I’m flying, I am emancipated from baby cycles! The feel of the wind in my curly hair as I turned my head from side to side was another first in a series of exhilarating bicycling experiences. I was four years old and 2 months. I was hooked on bicycling and on exercise. Unfortunately, Peter was not as naturally athletic as I and he struggled to master balancing. Today Peter would have had a better choice than training wheels. Peter would have had a Zike bike and we both would have had success on the first day. Today every kid can experience easy cycling.

Nowadays it doesn’t take a neighborhood for kids to learn to ride this new kind of bicycle. The Zike bike, Zike Testimonials – What Everyone Is Saying About Zike, a scooter bicycle available in four sizes, is as natural as walking.  See the  Zike Hybrid Scooter Comparison Chart for more details. If kids can walk and run they can ride the Zike without much of a learning curve. They can ride it on the sidewalks, driveways or in the playground and experience the fun and thrills of “ziking” while getting exercise and having fun with their friends. If you would like to give the children in your life the experience of having the wind in their hair while introducing them to the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, the Zike bike is a great selection. I’d like to hear your “ziking” and cycling experiences. Please share your stories.

Four Zike Models

Meet the Zikes: Hotshot, Flyby, Slingshot and Saber