The Effects Educational Toys Have on a Child’s Physical, Intellectual and Social Development

These days, we’re all living in an electronic age where technology rules. More and more children are engaging in computer and video games rather than going outside or picking up toys that don’t have a screen attached. It’s even come to the point where toddlers will scream and cry until their parents give them their smart phones to play with. It’s a habit (even an addiction, some might say) that is being formed in some of our children’s minds even before they can truly learn to form sentences.  As parents, it is important to find some sort of balance and to incorporate fun, educational toys and games into your child’s life from an early age.

The Effects Educational Toys Have on a Child’s Physical, Intellectual and Social DevelopmentChild development experts agree that it is vital that small children learn to play using their hands and their imagination. Preschoolers especially are like sponges when it comes to soaking up information, making the early stages of your child’s life the absolute best time to make sure that he or she is engaged with toys that cater to their wonder and curiosity.

There are many different types of educational toys, however, parents should always consider the age and their child’s best method of learning when choosing an educational toy. For example, infants and toddlers would not benefit from the same type of toy considering the fact that toddlers are more advanced. Infants tend to learn in sequences and repetitiveness methods, but toddlers need more stimulating toys.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, says, “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and youth.” In other words, children who physically and mentally play with toys that are more educationally-stimulating at each stage of their childhood are more likely to be well-rounded individuals. What’s even more, children who play with toys that challenge and spark imagination have also been found to be more motivated to learn, to read and to write.

Elite Toys carries a wide variety of educational toys for children of different ages and different interests. From our Science and Discovery toys and Early Learners and Preschool sets, to fun games and puzzles, we have plenty of products for children of all age ranges. At Elite Toys, you’ll have no trouble finding something perfectly suited to any child’s individual interests and developmental needs.


Berg ride-on pedal cars – The perfect way to raise awareness of Drunk Driving

We all know that being drunk and driving is a serious problem that can indiscriminately end young lives – whether that of the driver or the person they happen to hit. That is why it so important to raise awareness of the problem from a young age, so that our kids grow up knowing the dangers that come with being drunk and driving.

That’s where Elite Toy Store and Berg ride-on pedal cars come in. We facilitated the creation of a unique kids driving course, where children don a specialized pair of goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol intoxication. They then tried to make their way around the course, inevitably with much difficulty.

This is a unique approach to the task of raising awareness of drunk driving, but it is one that is being praised by all who have come across. The kids actually got to have fun in their Berg ride-on pedal cars, and the fact that being drunk and driving is extremely dangerous and wrong becomes ingrained in them naturally during the experience, as opposed to being forced upon them as information like this usually is.

Berg ride-on pedal cars were the ideal choice too. Besides the fact that they are readily available here at Elite Toy Store, they offer much more than just any old go-kart. Take our BERG Toys X-plorer XT Pedal Go Kart for example. It has a swing axle and genuine off-road tires that make the X-plorer XT ideal for rugged terrain, and comes complete with freewheel, double ball bearings and your own number plates.

The swing axle allows for stabilization on all terrain, while freewheel mode allows the pedals to remain static whilst the go-kart still moves – it automatically switches over to reverse when needed. On top of all that, most Berg ride-on pedal cars come with a selection of the following exciting features: a silver roll bar that makes the go-kart sturdier and safer, a comfortable sport seat and a front spoiler for aerodynamic purposes.

Berg ride-on pedal cars have been manufactured by Berg for over 40 years, and we highly endorse them for their safety, reliability and of course because they are so much fun. Without them our attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of being drunk and driving would not have been the same. Their maneuverability was suited perfectly to the kids driving course, as was their considerable size and sturdiness, simulating the effects of a real vehicle. After all, our Berg ride-on pedal cars are certified as being “commercial grade,” so you know that they are built to last.

Our DWI awareness program went off without hitch thanks to Berg and of course the local community, who were only too happy to help out and get involved. Designed by the Public Safety Department, the specialized kids driving course and equipment impressed everyone, especially the kids, who we hope took away some valuable life lessons from the experience. Remember, never ever drink and drive.

For more information on Berg ride-on pedal cars check out this dedicated section at

The Excitement of Science Learning and Education: The Space Shuttle

The Excitement of Science Doesn’t Have to End With the Last Space Shuttle Mission!

On Friday last, the final space shuttle mission got underway as the majestic spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. For the past thirty years the American Space Shuttle program has captured the hearts and minds of an entire generation of people – not just Americans either, but billions of people the world over who have been inspired by NASA to take a passionate interest in science learning and education.

Many people are sad that, once it makes it’s final reentry early next week, the space shuttle will fly no more, only living on in those dozens of great educational toys from our youth. It’s not just sad because it’s the end of an era however. The unfortunate fact is, due to budget concerns emanating from the poor economy, there are no plans for NASA to introduce a new manned space flight program, so it may be some time before we see an American spacecraft and crew orbiting the earth again.

Last year, President Obama announced a whole host of cost-cutting measures aimed at bolstering the floundering economy. Unfortunately, NASA’s budget was one of the most aggressively affected, with their planned Constellation spaceflight program being canceled as a result. Talk of a manned mission to Mars that was being mentioned in the early 2000s now seems hopelessly optimistic.

All is not lost however. NASA will continue the majority of its unmanned projects, each of which has been invaluable in helping us understand the universe around us. And when it comes to manned missions, American astronauts will be able to hitch a ride on Russian rockets in order to continue their much-needed work aboard the International Space Station. And who knows, if the economy picks up – or if enough pressure is put on president – we may get a new manned spaceflight program in the not-too-distant future. Optimism is your friend.

If there is one lasting legacy that NASA – and the shuttle missions in particular – will leave us with, it is the revival of popular interest in science and the world around us. The site of those massive rocket boosters being fired up has inspired thousands of people to take up careers in science, and millions more to pursue an active interest in science for fun.

Here at Elite Toy Store, we are proud of our own pedigree when it comes to promoting science learning and education through the use of great educational toys. We have a whole section of our online store dedicated to Science and Discovery! In this section you will find dozens of great educational toys, two of which we will be focusing on here today: the Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar System & Planetarium and the GeoVision Precision Optics Vega 360 Telescope, also by the good folks at Educational Insights.

The GeoSafari Planetarium enables you to bring the entire solar system to life with the flick of a switch, as light and motion give this model a dynamic way to demonstrate the inner workings of our little patch of the universe. The GeoSafari Planetarium also has the potential to be a wonderful science learning and education tool in the classroom too, where you can use the star dome to create your own personal planetarium, teaching kids to go home and locate the constellations and planets on any night of the year. Planets are even marked with symbols for easy identification, while “longitude” markings enable you to arrange the planets according to the solar system on specific days – just follow the easy to read “planetary address,” One of our selection of great educational toys, the GeoSafari Planetarium is available now for just $34.99 and is eligible for free shipping too!

Another fantastic tool for science learning and education is the GeoVision Telescope. Since the time of Galileo there has been no better way to view our solar system than with a trusty telescope. And at just $29.99, this could be an invaluable gift for your child – or even for yourself. A great starter kit, this telescope will help foster an interest in science learning and education – it may even fill the gap left by the space shuttle!

So check out these two great educational toys today, brought to you by Elite Toy Store.


Jeopardy goes into the Classroom for Teachers Tournament

Educational Insights is sponsoring the first Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament. New York will have two locals in the contest:
Caitlin Millat from Achievement First Apollo Elementary in Brooklyn, NY
Matt Polazzo from Stuyvesant High School in New York City, NY

Teachers need to be honored, for the most part they are not appreciated and underpaid. The Obama Administration has recognized the work that needs to be done to move forward our education system. Jeopardy has been on the air for a long time and it was a perfect match for Educational Insights.

The two-week tournament will feature fifteen of the nation’s brightest K-12 teachers, with the winner receiving $100,000 and a guaranteed spot in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions airing later this year.

Teachers become educators for the love of learning- here’s their chance to shine and be proud. No One said it would be easy, they all had to study just as hard as their students for this nationally televised test. And the winners? Well, bragging rights never hurt anyone!

They probably did a lot of studying and everyone is a winner. Although, the top winners are winning big!  The second place winner will earn a minimum of $50,000 and third place $25,000.  Semifinalists receive $10,000, and contestants eliminated in the first round receive $5,000. In addition, each teacher will receive a Classroom “Jeopardy!” unit for their school courtesy of Educational Insights.

Educational Insights manufacturers a product called Classroom Jeopardy. It takes the Jeopardy game show and gives teachers the opportunity to excite their students about learning and drive up the academic scores. There is so much negative about the public schools, it’s nice to focus on the positive influence from teachers.

The newer Classroom Jeopardy version embeds video, audio and pictures. Educational Insights has surpassed any expectations with the improved version. Students love it!

There’s even a contest for teachers that did not get on the show. is sponsoring their own contest to win products for teachers and parents. Gift Certificates will be issued for scoring points and there isn’t a first, second or third place. If the answer is correct you win. Check out the details: on the facebook page. Click over to the contest tab. The more point the bigger the Gift Certificate, sign up today!